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      Welcome! Foshan Enterprise Group Co.,Ltd.

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      HAINUOTAI GROUP is an international famous electric power supply, automation control equipment, new renewable energy power generation and industrial batteries professional manufacturer, is the world's leading all-round electricity power solutions provider, is committed to the power of science and technology and application engineering technology perfect union, is dedicated to the world all have important mission critical load of the equipment and the information processing equipment to provide safe, reliable, efficient energy security, is committed to create competitive advantage for our customers. Sea north tai group and shenzhen, China to set up scientific research and development centers in Beijing, China, has been developed in recent several of the world's leading power patent technology, contribution to the global power market each year dozens of new power supply patented product, has become the world's industrial power brand leader. At present, the products have been hiload for the United States, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, Brazil, India, Korea, South Korea, South Africa, Australia, more than 100 countries and regions such as energy and infrastructure, data center and network, communication system and widely used in projects such as industrial automation equipment. > > for more

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      The factory has its own brand hi-Load uninterruptible power supply UPS DC power supply for production of sealed battery inverter professional manufacturers

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